A Love Letter from Calivolve

No one said it would be easy, and it hasn’t ever been. Not for us, two WOC single mothers on a mission to make cannabis as socially acceptable as a glass of wine. We’re more than two years into this cannaprenuer journey and it has never been as challenging as it is now. But we are hard-working warrior women! We were raised by them and we’re raising the next generation. We have experienced major personal and professional destabilizing challenges, and we have risen from them. It is our unique personal, evolving journeys that brought us together and inspired us to create Calivolve – the combination of “California” and “Evolve”. We are born and raised So Cal women, blessed with the best agriculture and beauty around us. We are strong, accomplished and curious, we are evolving. 

The stigma of cannabis growing up prevented us from exploring the plant earlier on in our journeys. After accomplishing goals – successful careers and each starting a family – we were curious. This genuine curiosity for what was once forbidden led us to cannabis, as self-realized and confident women ready to challenge the status quo. Both of us come from very family-centric cultures, Latinx and Asian – food is culture. We share food in the community for celebrations, for rituals, for affection. We share wine, so we should share cannabis, too! Calivolve is an extension of our culture, our love of food and our California roots. That is why we use the highest quality ingredients and especially why we source sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging printed with plant-based inks. One of our core values is protecting our environment so we ensure our packaging is recyclable and earth friendly.

As we continue to evolve into more confident, more passionate women, we understand that maintaining a healthy physical, mental, and emotional well-being requires a holistic wellness routine. This involves slowing down, taking breaks, daily doses of exercise and of course, eating a healthy plant-based diet. With that in mind, we’re launching our new line of CBD chocolates with herbs and nootropics to help boost immunity, respiratory wellness and promote sexual intimacy. We want to live life to its fullest and living well tastes so good!

Stay tuned for our upcoming new product launch!

With love and appreciation, Lilly + My

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