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Between the Sheets With CBD & Aphrodisiacs, Key Arousal Essentials

It’s pretty safe to say cannabis is the root of all pleasure! Experiencing its soothing, blanketing effect of relaxation is pure magic, especially when you’re in the mood to get a little frisky (if you catch our drift!) If you haven’t already heard, CBD has become a key bedroom essential. Praised for its ability to amplify pleasure and reduce discomfort through its effects on the mind and body, CBD is totes worth trying. Bring on the tingles and toe curling, babes! 

Today on the Caliblog, we’re diving into how CBD can improve your sex life, especially when paired with delish aphrodisiacs like chocolate (our specialty!) and damiana. Pleasure on top of pleasure on top of pleasure… what could be better?! As we always say… living well feels so good. 

How CBD Makes Sex More Enjoyable

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Long story short, our reproductive organs and sexual tissue are packed with cannabinoid receptors (catch our recent post touching on the endocannabinoid system and its receptors here!) CBD basically increases blood flow to those tissues, which elevates sensitivity and generates more lubrication, making you nice and luscious. Who knew plants could be so sexy?

CBD can also help you relax physically and emotionally, making sex wayyyy more pleasurable. Chronic conditions like Endometriosis cause lots of discomfort like pelvic pressure and dryness, meaning penetration and other intimate play can be mega painful. And let’s not forget the anxiety that comes with pain and other triggers known to hinder arousal. CBD’s non-intoxicating, anxiety-reducing properties keeps you balanced and calm. Everyone deserves to feel good, and weed can open you up like a blooming flower in spring.

Adding Aphrodisiacs Into the Mix

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Now that we’ve covered CBD’s arousal powers, let’s go through some delectable aphrodisiacs for added steaminess!

In a nutshell, aphrodisacs increase sex drive and sensations. Chocolate is arguably the most beloved pleasure-upping munchie! Def beats slimy oysters.

Some interesting tidbits: Scientists attribute the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate to tryptophan (which helps produce all that yummy serotonin, the brain chemical involved in arousal) and phenylethylamine, a stimulant released when people fall in love. *Cue a collective “awww”!*Aztecs may have been the first on record to identify a link between the cocoa bean and desire; the emperor Montezuma would stuff his face with beans to fuel his sexual encounters. Excessive, much? Maybe! But no harm trying this at home, trufflettes. Pro tip: Indulge in our delicious, pre-dosed 20mg chocolates to get the benefits of CBD and cocoa. More on that to come, so stay with us!

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Damiana is also an aphrodisiac worth trying. The low-growing plant with yellow flowers and fragrant leaves actually predates written history! Indigenous folks used it for centuries as a libido booster and bladder tonic. Damiana is said to trigger arousal by increasing circulation and sensitivity of female organs. But how, you ask? Its leaves contain flavonoids–molecules found in plants, fruits and veggies–which give them their color, but more importantly, have anti-inflammatory effects and strengthen blood vessels. As a matter of fact, cannabis has flavonoids, a.k.a. cannaflavins! Imagine damiana and CBD together… oh YES! Try it in teas, tinctures, extracts and even booze. Let the fireworks fly. 

Getting Started 

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CBD comes in so many forms, all of which can be used to get your mojo going! Pick your pleasure:

  • Edibles
  • Oil (can be used topically and orally)
  • Suppositories 
  • Flower

We’re totally partial to a combo of topicals and edibles to get the mind and body stimulated. Calivolve chocolate truffles are amazing for this! They’re crafted with luxurious dark Belgium chocolate and full spectrum CBD from organic lab-tested USA hemp; so you’re getting the benefits of cacao with 20mg of CBD (a great starting point for newbies, check out our dosage guide here). 

Now, let’s get physical! First, we recommend indulging in a little solo play to make sure CBD is right for your bod. Take your preferred dose of luxurious Calivolve chocolate and apply some weed lube on your vulva (if you have any on hand). See how it affects your mindset and physical response. Take notes, lovers–this may not sound super sexy, but hear us out! Jotting down a few observations can help you find your sweet spot, so that when CBD is introduced into partnered sex, you’ll have the best–and likely orgasmic–experience! 

So, sweet trufflettes, the takeaway is this: enjoy sex the way nature intended. 

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