Calivolve CBD Chocolate Dosage Guide: How to Find Your Sweet Spot

One of the most common questions new users ask themselves is, “How much CBD should I consume?” As with all cannabis products, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution; everyone reacts differently based on their physiology, mood and environment. That’s why it takes some time to find the perfect dosage for your bod. But we swear, it’s seriously worth the effort! 

Need a hand getting started? We’re here to help demystify dosing our organic, vegan and gluten-free CBD chocolates, because living well feels so good. 

First, let’s kick things off with a little CBD 101! Cannabidiol is the non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis. It’s excellent for therapeutic use and has the power to relieve a laundry list of conditions, from anxiety to muscular discomfort. This magical little cannabinoid is essentially a blanket of sweet, sweet relief. 

Now, when it comes to dosing Calivolve chocolate, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Take a look at the CBD concentration. Each piece of Calivolve chocolate is made with 20mg of full-spectrum CBD; 1 full bar is 100mg, and our collection box is 120mg. (Keep scrolling to see a full breakdown of our collection.) Typically, it’s best to start with 10mg-20mg to test the waters. We make dosing easy! Each pouch comes with two pieces of chocolate (a total of 20mg), which are scored so you can split them into 10mg to start. Above all, remember: go low and slow. Make it a mantra. Low and slow, low and slow. You got this!
  2. Think about your CBD goals. Are you looking to ease pain or anxiety? You’ll likely need a higher dose to optimize relief. But if you’re seeking a little calm amid chaos, you’ll want to opt for a lighter dose to take the edge off. 
  3. Body weight. Typically, heavier individuals may need a higher dose of CBD to feel its benefits; but those who are lighter may experience the same effects with a lower dose. 

Things are about to get good… let’s talk chocolate!

At Calivolve, our ethos and processes set us apart from the pack. We believe in only putting good stuff into our bodies, and source the purest, yummiest, most sustainable ingredients. Each product is handcrafted with dark Beligum chocolate and full spectrum CBD from organic lab-tested USA hemp. We’ve also added ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb which helps the body adapt to stress, as well as cacao and maca root, superfoods for hormonal and mood balance. It doesn’t stop there! We go the extra mile and test for homogeneity. In other words, we ensure an even distribution of CBD. This means that no matter where you bite, you’re ingesting CBD, as opposed to bits here and there. 

And in case you didn’t catch this earlier, Calivolve chocolate is organic, vegan and gluten-free. A bonafide triple threat. 

Here’s a round-up of our signature confections to kickstart your new CBD ritual! Careful: you’re about to experience some real cannabliss. 

These nourishing dark chocolate CBD truffles are paired with a limited supply of seasonal organic cherries, hand selected from California farmer’s markets, and candied in small batches for a unique, exquisite taste. Can you say cherry bomb? Dangerously delicious. 

20mg full spectrum CBD each / 80 mg full spectrum CBD total.

Shop Cherry CBD Truffles, $30

Restore your balance with our blissful matcha truffles. If you aren’t already tempted, get this: they’re steeped with organic raw matcha, sourced from sustainable growers. An energizing and savory delight that enlivens your spirit (and taste buds!) with zen bliss. 

20mg full spectrum CBD each / 80 mg full spectrum CBD total.

Shop Matcha CBD Truffles, $30

A softly seductive whisper of flavor. I mean… does that not sound ridiculously good?! Our dark chocolate mint truffles are delicately infused with a hint of organic peppermint, and cold-pressed for a pure and silky flavor. It’s all in the details. 

20mg full spectrum CBD each / 80 mg full spectrum CBD total.

Shop Mint CBD Truffles, $30

The perfect option if your taste buds can’t settle on just one flavor from our Restore line. We know, it’s a pretty tough call! Try out all three full-sized truffle packs: cherry, matcha and mint. 

20mg full spectrum CBD each / 240 mg full spectrum CBD total.

Shop the Tasty Trio, $89

If you’d like to taste all three truffle variations but in smaller quantities, this is the box for you. It includes two pouches of each flavor for your experimentation. At the end of a looooonnng day, you’ll be glad to have these chocolate jewels for optimal chillage. 

20mg full spectrum CBD each / 120 mg full spectrum CBD total.

Shop the CBD Restore Collection Box, $32

A great starting point for CBD newbies on a budget! Our delicious small batch truffles are available in a single-serve child resistant pouch; a convenient restorative treat at $6 a pop. Who doesn’t love a little sweetness and relaxation on-the-go? Stock up STAT, you powerhouse, you! 

20mg full spectrum CBD each.

Shop CBD Dark Chocolate Truffle Pouches, $6

Created in collaboration with Rosebud CBD, this decadent limited-edition dark chocolate bar is made with 100mg of full spectrum CBD and 60% pure cacao. Scored into four pieces of 25mg each, it’s rich in magnesium, iron, antioxidants and endocannabinoid support. Go ahead – melt it, bite it, or break it. 

100 mg full spectrum CBD total.

Shop the Rosebud x Calivolve Bar, $22


And that, dear truffles, is the Calivolve collection. Go ahead, find the perfect dosage and treat yourselves! 

Any parting questions? Here’s a flash FAQ before you stock up. 

  • Is it possible to ingest too much CBD? Consuming a high dose of Cannabidiol doesn’t produce serious side effects. If you take “too much”, you’ll likely feel as though you took a mild muscle relaxant. 
  • How do I determine the perfect dose? Be consistent with your consumption. Start off by ingesting one 20mg Calivolve CBD truffle every day at the same time for 1-2 months. We also highly recommend keeping a journal to track dosage and effects.
  • How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD? It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, but can vary per person. 

Looks like you’re all set to begin your new and infused cannabis lifestyle! Shop our collection of CBD chocolates here today. Subscribe to save up to 20% and enjoy free shipping on orders $30 or more. 

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