Summer of Love: How to Love Your Body With Calivolve Chocolate

Get ready! Things are about to get good, babes. 

Here at Calivolve HQ, we’ve been cooking up (rather, melting up) something super special to elevate your CBD rituals, and keep your beautiful body balanced. We’re totally bursting with excitement because the big reveal is finally here! After countless hours of research, experimentation and tasting (always the best part), you can now officially indulge in our latest creations. 

It’s the Summer of Love and living well feels so good. That’s the Calivolve way, and our new goodies truly deliver! 

Scroll along; you won’t want to miss this…

Behold, the Calivolve Renew Collection, featuring three new luscious truffle flavors: SOOTHE, UPLIFT and AROUSE. We handpicked each ingredient with thought and intention to help you find harmony with herbs, adaptogens and nootropics. Crafted with a stellar lineup of superfoods, our signature rich Belgian dark chocolate and full spectrum American hemp extract, cannabliss is just a bite away! We always want to make sure your body gets the CBD loving it needs, and these 20mg gluten-free and vegan jewels are made for just that. 

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s get into the specifics of the luxuriously delectable Renew collection. In addition to being totally droolworthy, our latest truffle flavors pair beautifully with the calming and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, relieving PMS symptoms, strengthening immunity and best of all, revving sex drive! Can you say meow? 

Here’s all the goodness you can expect from Renew by Calivolve


Let’s be bold: PMS sucks, period! There’s no way around it, but our Soothe truffles are a sweet blanket of relief over the dreaded premenstrual discomfort that hits every month. That’s why we chose primrose oil as one of our star players; it helps soothe breast tenderness, feelings of depression, irritability, swelling and bloating from fluid retention. Ummmm…YES please! 

Blood orange is another major player in the battle of the cramps! Full of vitamin C, fiber and potassium, it’s a powerful antioxidant much like a full-body cleanser. Who needs that messy cayenne, lemon and maple syrup concoction? Let’s stick to satisfying chocolate, shall we? 

To boot, blood orange can also ease mood swings, bloating and nausea, while its high water content keeps you nice and hydrated. 

PMS, you’ve been warned! Soothe always wins.  

Shop Soothe, $6

Learn more about CBD & PMS



During these shaky times, we’re all laser-focused on staying healthy and keeping our immune systems in tip-top shape! Calivolve’s Uplift flavor are pretty perfect for that. They really live up to their name, uplifting your immunity with a curated blend of ingredients, like reishi mushrooms and chili lime pepitas. Unexpectedly exquisite! 

The powerful reishi ’shroom is known to enhance the immune system through its effects on white blood cells, which help fight infection and cancer. Chili lime pepitas also pack a nutritious punch with their high fiber, antioxidants and magnesium, which support skin and bone health. Get that renewed zest for life this summer, and, well… always! 

Shop Uplift, $6

Learn more about CBD & your immune system



Last but not least, a delectable, seriously sexy truffle designed for your pleasure. Arouse was created to bring a renewed sense of awakening between the sheets. We found the right balance of essentials to get you in the mood, starting with damiana, a known aphrodisiac that increases circulation and sensitivity of female organs. This low-growing plant also has the power to boost and maintain physical and mental stamina, *wink wink*! Let’s just say you won’t tire during your pleasure marathon. 

What’s more, Arouse is made with 70% cacao seed, a nutrient-rich adaptogen that helps brain function and naturally reduces anxiety. Yes, your body will thank you! Let those tingling sensations wash over.  

Shop Arouse, $6

Learn more about CBD & arousal

There you have it, Calivolvers! The Renew Collection joins the Restore Collection. Enjoy your wholesome fill of CBD, herbs, adaptogens and nootropics to maintain your well-being, and, most importantly: live your life to the fullest.  Shop Soothe for the spirit, Uplift for the soul, and Arouse for desire today. Or, swipe a Renew collection box to try all flavors at once! 

The ultimate trifecta of CBD and plant goodness. 

But first: if you’re new to CBD, we highly recommend checking out our dosage guide! Each truffle contains 20mg of full spectrum hemp extract, a great starting point for the uninitiated. 

As we always say, life should be delicious. Hop on the Calivolve Express to a new realm of flavorful relief. 

__Stay tuned, angels – we have some super exciting perks in the works to keep the celebrations rolling! Follow us on Instagram here for updates.

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