lavender chocolate bark

Infused Chocolate Bark Recipe

What do you do on a gloomy winter day? Make infused chocolate bark of course!

Our friend Rachel Burkons, cannabis educator, activist, and bong vivant, created this gorgeous lavender chocolate bark recipe for all of you to try. It’s made with CBD-infused vegan dark chocolate, lavender and primrose oil to inspire better sleep and meet your PMS cravings.


2 pouches of Calivolve Lavender Chocolates
6 ounces of dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate
12 ounces white chocolate
Pinch food grade lavender buds
Sea salt
1 pack edible flowers, or pesticide-free food grade flowers
Egg white or pasteurized egg white carton
Superfine sugar

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Lavender Chocolate infused with adaptogens and topped with candied flowers. Credit: Rachel Burkons


To make candied flowers (make at least 24 hours in advance): Gently whisk egg white, careful not to overwork. Using your fingers, gently coat the entire flower or leaf with egg white. Keep a towel nearby to wipe off as much excess egg white as possible; you want a very thing layer. Coat in superfine sugar and place on a parchment-lined sheet for 24 hours.

To Make Bark: Over a double boiler, melt both white and dark chocolates. Stir Calivolve CBD chocolate into dark chocolate. Pour melted chocolates onto a parchment-lined quarter pan. Use an offset spatula to combine, careful not to overwork.

While chocolates are still warm, place candied flowers in to bark, reserving a few colorful petals. Sprinkle lavender buds and sea salt on top. Crush remaining colorful candied petals across bark. Set in refrigerator. And voila you made chocolate bark!

“These adaptogen-boosted chocolates are delicious and high-quality, and they were the perfect addition to my floral dark chocolate bark.”

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Candied edible flowers and lavender chocolate bark. Credit: Rachel Burkons

“This bark was slightly more time-intensive due to the candied flowers, but it was totally worth it; the candied flowers added a gorgeous look and subtle floral sweetness to the bark. Here’s a video outlining how to make these.”

Rachel made it really easy to follow along watch her Youtube video here.

Find our lavender chocolates in the Reflect Collection. You can also find them in our new hot drop, PMS Holiday Bundle which includes Soothing Blood Orange Chocolates and primrose oil and a Calivolve ceramic mug.

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Holiday Bundles are here! Ceramic mugs and infused vegan dark chocolate with adaptogens.

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