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Love Rituals for a Sexy Summer (Plus a Lusty Calivolve Giveaway!)

It’s the Summer of Love and things are getting steamy here at Calivolve HQ! 

In case you missed it, we just launched our seriously delicious Renew Collection, featuring three new CBD truffle flavors: Soothe, Uplift and Arouse. Primrose oil and vitamin C boost immunity and Soothe PMS, reishi mushrooms Uplift your immune system, and damiana and extra dark chocolate Arouse sexual intimacy. Not only does living well taste good, it feels good, too.

But wait, babes… there’s more! In the spirit of this sizzling Summer of Love, Calivolve has designed some Love Rituals for you to recreate at home with our favorite blissful essentials: Our CBD Arouse chocolate, Le Wand Massager vibrating toy, a 30-minute consultation with America’s top urologist/sexual health expert Dr. Jen Berman, all-natural lubricant from Glissant Love, a soy wax candle from Flores Lane, a reversible robe from Allume, and a bath bomb from Luna Volta – all up for grabs in our giveaway, but more on that later! Be sure to read on for the 411, lovers.  

On that note, let’s set the mood for a saucy, sexy, safe season with Calivolve’s Love Rituals!

Come on baby, light my fire.

First thing’s first: Create an alluring ambiance for yourself (or your flame). We always like to start a sensual soirée with some warm, romantic candlelight. Flores Lane’s yummy soy candle brings the perfect glow to your boudoir. Hand poured in West Hollywood, each is made with clean and healthy ingredients to keep the sparks flying as you get intimate. Let’s get fired up! Things are about to get (and feel *wink*) good…

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Photo: Flores Lane

Aphrodisiacs, always.

Take our word for it…chocolate is the most delectable aphrodisiac! A little chocolate history for you: Aztecs may have been the first on record to identify a link between the cocoa bean and desire. The emperor Montezuma would binge on beans to fuel his sexual encounters. We’ll have what he’s having!
This is your cue to try our new Arouse truffles, the best appetizer to take your love fest from 0 to 60. These rich, gluten-free, vegan dark chocolates are infused with libido-boosting damiana and 70% cacao, intentionally chosen to bring you a renewed sense of awakening. Full spectrum CBD also magnifies your pleasure by reducing anxiety and increasing blood flow to sexual tissues, so that you’re extra luscious. Think between the sheets!

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Slip into something sexy.
Allume’s reversible “peignoir” (sexy French word for “robe”) will make you feel racy. There’s nothing more empowering than wearing something suggestive before stripping down! One side of this luxurious robe is a classic, warm and earthy olive green tone. On the other hand, the reverse side is where the party’s at. Get lost in a trippy cannabis leaf kaleidoscope design, perfect for the quintessential plant-loving babe. Can you say SEXPOT?

cannabis print robe, Allume, Jung Maven, hemp clothes
Photo: Allume

Feel yourself.

We’ve now reached playtime, the grand finale of our Love Rituals. This one’s a three-parter! 

Step 1: Let’s get wet. Peel off that robe and drop a luxurious Luna Volta CBD bath bomb into your tub. Crafted with skin-loving moisturizers, plant-derived essential oils and 20mg of full spectrum hemp extract, your body and mind will feel relaxed and ready for action. What’s even more stellar is that Luna Volta’s collection was inspired by planets and galaxies. Cosmic love is just a bath bomb away! 

CBD bath bomb, CBD bath salts, Lord Jones
Photo: Luna Volta

Step 2: Once you’re out of the tub, grab some Glissant Love CBD lubricant for unparalleled satisfaction. Created by Dr. Karyn Eilber, recommended by our friend Dr. Jen Berman, this lubricant makes the most out of Mother Nature’s seductive powers: ginseng, maca, allium, horny goat leaf and evening primrose oil heighten sensation, while a dash of peppermint creates a cooling sensation balanced by a kiss of heat from cinnamon. 

CBD lubricant, intimacy oil, Foria, Apothecanna, Papa & Barkley
Photo: Glissant

Step 3: This is the peak of Calivolve’s Love Rituals, so get ready! We recommend grabbing a Le Wand Massager. Designed for all bodies, this best-in-class, heart-pounding, hair-raising vibrating toy is the perfect climax (oh yes!) to your pleasure sesh. 

Le wand, vibrator, sex toy, pleasure chest, Fun Factory, We-vibe
Photo: Le Wand

Now how about that giveaway we mentioned earlier? Listen up, because you won’t want to miss this! Enter to win the holy grail of goodie boxes, including all our recommended products right over here. That’s a value of over $500! Entry period closes July 30th, and a winner will be announced July 31st on Instagram

And don’t forget to shop Calivolve’s Renew Collection! Live well with CBD chocolates and try Soothe, Uplift and Arouse in individual packets, or the full collection box here. These three mouth-watering plant-based remedies will become your key self-care essentials in the bedroom and beyond. 

May your Summer of Love be delicious in every sense of the word, Calivolvers! xo

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Renew Collection

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