mercury in retrograde

Mercury is in Retrograde! But what does that mean?

In one of our previous posts, we broke down what Mercury in Retrograde means for all of us little earthlings. In short, when Mercury is in Retrograde, which usually happens twice or three times a year, things go a little bit haywire. In communication, in relationships, in technology – things are just a little off. People like to blame things on this strange planetary happening and yes, we are those people. No shade. 

Astrology is cool!

Mercury is the big one that everyone talks about because this is the planet tied closely to communication. As a reminder of when to “gird your loins” (if you don’t get that Devil Wears Prada reference seriously what are you doing with your life), Mercury will be in Retrograde these dates in 2020: February 16th through March 9th, (wahoo we already did one!), this is when Mercury was in Pisces and then Aquarius. Coming in hot is when Mercury will be in Cancer June 18th to July 12th dear sweet baby Jesus please help us. And then finally Mercury will be Scorpio October 13th through 27th and in Libra through November 3rd. Honestly given lockdown we can barely think past lunch so October seems like a stretch, but there you have it anyway. Mark your calendars. 

When we talk about any of the planets being in Retrograde, (which means they are moving, or appear to be moving backward), it is relevant to astrology because it is a pretty rare occurrence. Mostly planets move forward, because duh, we’re all going that way. That’s why when a planet goes into Retrograde, some cosmic spooky ish starts happening. When a planet is in Retrograde it’s kind of being a rebel, like when you dyed your hair pink at 15, or like us when we had 3 lattes instead of 2 this morning. 

Different Types of Retrogrades

Do planetary retrogrades affect your mood?

There are at least eight different types of retrograde for each of the planets. The closer the planets are to the earth, the more their cosmic loops vary. While Venus, Mercury, and Mars are in Retrograde (aka when they come closer to the earth than the sun), they infiltrate our system so to speak. That’s why we care about these ones the most, and why we feel so altered by their presence. The retrogrades of Venus, Mercury, and Mars are more exaggerated in the space the planet separates from the ecliptic which makes it more extreme. We feel these retrogrades personally. 

Jupiter and Saturn, on the other hand, hit differently. They go in and out and retrograde all the time. Okay, well not all the time but quite a bit. Their orbits are more chill and cause far less destruction – we really don’t feel them that much. 

Do you check out your horoscope chart?

There’s also a big degree of personalization when it comes to where the planets. Depending on how much you’ve dug into your own birth chart, you’ll know moons are in different houses for different people based on the time and place of their birth. We love Co-Star the app for hyper-personalized horoscopes in real-time. The app gives you a good sense of what is going on in your chart that day, and how planets and their movements might touch your life. Also, the notifications are so spot on and often hilarious. 

Make self-care a priority

So, what the actual heck can you do to self-soothe during all of these planetary upheavals apart from preparing yourself? Firstly, acceptance, always! Breathe. We are all in this together now more than ever. Our brand has always been about self-care and indulging in the every day and now we all need to make ourselves our own priorities. The Matcha truffles are a great way to take a moment for yourself if the planets have you feeling out of wack. Matcha has been known to promote stable blood sugar and gentle energy without the crash. You know how on airplanes they say to put on your oxygen mask on before helping others? That’s how we’re thinking of self-care and mental wellness these days. Having a truffle mid-morning or after dinner is a built-in minute to breathe and remember sometimes things are out of our control (aka the planets are literally spinning backward) and all we can control is how we react to situations. 

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