CBD Terpene Pairings with Calivolve Chocolate

Our Guide to Pairing CBD Chocolate Flavors and Terpenes

We want to keep your taste buds stimulated with our full lineup of six blissfully delicious Calivolve CBD dark chocolate truffles from our new line, Renew, and the OG Restore collection, all vegan, gluten free, and full of the bliss molecule, anandamide, and terpenes! In the spirit of indulgence, we’ve curated three mouthwatering flavor pairings you totally need to try: 

We’re breaking everything down by flavor, terpene profile, and health perks, so that you can show some real love to your bod the Calivolve way! 

When Mint Met Cacao 

limonene linalool terpenes mint cbd chocolate bar
Taste the bliss! Limonene and linalool terpenes plus anandamide from cacao, CBD, and mint.

CBD Chocolate Pairing: Mint & Arouse

Some say mint and cacao don’t belong together, but we absolutely ADORE the softly seductive pairing of our peppermint-infused CBD chocolates, and Arouse, 70% dark chocolate studded with cacao. I mean, you can’t deny the fact that they have so much in common! They’re powerful antioxidants and have complementary terpenes – a.k.a. the organic compounds found in plants, fruits ‘n veg – that give them their unique aromas, flavors and effects. Tasty and wholesome? You know it! 

Flavor: Peppermint is a hybrid mint, a cross between water mint and spearmint. It has a strong, warm pungent taste with a cooling finish. Now, cacao is the seductress in this relationship. Sourced from the cacao tree, it’s earthy, nutty and bitter with a hint of roasted coffee bean. This is the flavor of love. Plus, it contains natural phytocannabinoids – anandamide – otherwise known as the bliss molecule.

Terpene Profile: Linalool is a relaxing, uplifting terpene found in lavender, birch bark, and our fave, mint! Similar effects can be enjoyed with damiana, a low-growing plant with bright yellow flowers. It’s a key aphrodisiac in the Arouse truffles and packs a terpelicious punch with caryophyllene (buh-bye anxiety), and cineol (an anti-inflammatory with cooling effects, just like mint) to name a few.

Perks: Between Mint and Arouse, you get a nice dose of health benefits! First off, peppermint is used for its adaptogenic properties (adaptogens are herbs that charge up your immune system). Its perillyl alcohol content also makes it an antioxidant, which can be helpful in stopping the spread of cancer. As for cacao: the best mood-maker nature has to offer! When you eat chocolate, brain chemicals like tryptophan and phenylethylamine are released, triggering happiness and arousal. To boot, cacao is a superstar antioxidant that keeps your heart healthy! Its properties are actually more effective than blueberries, goji berries and pomegranate.

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Cherry and Blood Orange Forever

organic CBD oil infused chocolate truffles for foodies and chocolate connoisseurs
We’re California girls at heart! Our farmers markets are loaded with nature’s candies, like cherries and juicy blood oranges. Read about how we paird them with CBD chocolate.

CBD Chocolate Pairing: Cherry & Soothe 

We’re California girls at heart! Our state is known for its endless supply of fresh local produce; farmer’s markets are loaded with nature’s candies, like cherries and juicy blood oranges. Naturally, we wanted to celebrate this, Calivolve style. Enter our Cherry truffles from the Restore collection, and Renew’s Soothe flavor, a sweeter pairing with CBD dark Belgian chocolate. Yumminess all day every day! 

Flavor: Like many fruits, cherries have a balance of sweet and sour. Some say it’s also spicy and woodsy! Combined with chocolate, you get an amazing depth of flavor. When it comes to blood orange, we’re really into its deep crimson flesh. When you bite into it, it’s an unexpected party in your mouth! We can only describe it as a kiss of citrus with notes of raspberry. 

Terpene Profile: Time for some terp talk! Our Cherry truffles include terpenes like limonene and terpinolene; both are considered uppers and can be super helpful in managing anxiety and depression. We went a step further and infused the adaptogenic powers of ashwagandha and maca, also mood-elevators! Calivolve Soothe truffles have Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene. The first shows plenty of promise against inflammatory diseases, while the second is a great antiviral! With a dash of primrose oil to soothe irritability and fluid retention, you’re golden. 

Perks: You may be surprised to learn that cherries have been dubbed one of the healthiest superfoods with the highest medicinal value! They’re rich in antioxidants and minimize inflammation. The high fiber and vitamin C in blood oranges help ease mood swings, bloating and nausea, while their high water content keeps you hydrated (always #stayhydrated!). With a dash of primrose oil, you’ve got a recipe for sweet PMS relief

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You Uplift Me So Matcha

superfoods antioxidants matcha reishi mushrooms nootropics adaptogens
With Uplift CBD chocolate, you benefit from a concoction of superfoods like reishi mushrooms and chili lime pepitas; experience a renewed zest for life.

CBD Chocolate Pairing: Matcha & Uplift

These chocolate gems are more savory than other Calivolve flavors, and loved for their energizing effects. Let’s call these “full-bodied” truffles! Matcha chocolates are a delectable blend of matcha, which is basically a powdered version of green tea, and healing adaptogens, ashwagandha and maca. The latter two make a cameo in all Restore collection flavors! Combined with Uplift, a concoction of superfoods like reishi mushrooms and chili lime pepitas, you’ll experience a renewed zest for life! 

Flavor: Matcha is earthy with sweet nuttiness, bitter undertones and grassy notes (hemp lovers, rejoice!) We added ashwagandha herb and maca root, which are also mildly bitter and earthy. Pop in an Uplift truffle along with Matcha for even more depth! The spice of chili, nuttiness of pepitas and pucker of lime are a trio for the ages. Dark chocolate and CBD bring it on home with a silky smooth, calming sensation. 

Terpene Profile: L-theanine in matcha sharpens natural alertness without the crash of caffeine. That’s a sweet deal, chocolinis! A hit of limonene from the chili lime flavor delivers the same type of brain boost. The crunch of pepitas plus reishi mushrooms really take things over the top! More energy, better blood circulation… trust us, your body will thank you. 

Perks: Let’s start off with the benefits of matcha, which is still all the rage. Studies show it has cancer-fighting effects on the body, and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes and encourage weight loss. It shares these properties with green tea! The ashwagandha and maca in Calivolve Matcha chocolates reduce stress and anxiety, among many other perks. With Uplift, the chilies amp up your immune system with Vitamins A and C; same goes for lime and pepitas! They’re not only delicious, but have antiviral properties. 

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CBD chocolate truffles feel the effects anti-anxiety full spectrum hemp oil extract decadent dark chocolate
Try our different CBD chocolate truffles and feel the effects of Mother Nature’s finest. Complete with full spectrum hemp oil extract and decadent dark chocolate.

So, it’s pretty clear that all Calivolve truffles are meant to be together. Our Restore and Renew collections were thoughtfully crafted with the most loving intention: to nourish your body, mind and spirit with anandamide and terpenes. 

Try our unique pairings today and feel the effects of Mother Nature’s finest, complete with full spectrum hemp oil extract and decadent dark chocolate. Call us your CBD chocolate sommeliers, if you will! 

Bliss out Calivolvers!

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