CBD Coffee as morning mood booster

Self-care at home with Fancy Coffee Orders and CBD

Macchiato, Cortado, Flat white – wtf! Coffee is more than a drink – it’s a religious experience. Ask someone about their coffee order and they will undoubtedly go on and on about why French Press is better than cold brew and why oat milk is their religion. And we get it. In a world where you never really know what’s going to happen, coffee is a constant. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning (quite literally), it’s the perfect way to catch up with a friend, it’s a good brain break to chop up your workday. Some people even think coffee is the perfect first date. Maybe that’s because your coffee order says a lot about you. What mood you’re in, what you’re optimizing for. Have you ever been behind someone at a coffee shop and heard them order something totally weird? It’s fascinating.

Reflecting further, maybe the reason coffee is so important to everyone is that it’s a positive ritual that most people have. Before “self-care” was the buzzword of the century, people were making, drinking and sharing coffee as a little pause in their day. So the next time you want some self-care at home, try coffee and a little CBD chocolate. It’s our favorite mid-morning pick me up. Here’s why.

Gourmet Coffee Breakdown

What's the difference between a cortado coffee and a Gibraltar?
Do you ever wonder how to make a cappuccino or flat white at home?

Here’s a breakdown of all the fancy coffee orders out there so you can translate anything you hear and maybe even try something new for your self-care with CBD oil. Should we have included Frappucinos? Asking for a friend.


Small amount of water through finely-ground espresso beans. Looks like a shot. Great for: when you need caffeine fast!
Tastes like: Europe, efficiency.


Espresso plus hot water. Can also do iced. Yum!
Great for: A big jolt of caffeine with a rich coffee taste.
Tastes like: Nailing a big presentation at work, running into your ex looking fabulous.


Espresso and steamed milk of choice. Faves include Oat and Coconut. Only psychos still drink cow milk…
Great for: Pretty much anything, lattes are delicious.
Tastes like: Indulgence, playing with puppies.


Espresso, steamed milk, and foam.
Great for: Feeling fancy, getting a cute foam mustache. Tastes like: Being a grown-up.


Espresso with a little foamed milk.
Great for: When you want an espresso but aren’t hardcore enough for no milk. Tastes like: Italian men.

Cortado (aka Gibraltar)

Espresso and warm milk.
Great for: Looking cool whilst ordering. Tastes like: Williamsburg, Silver Lake.

Flat White

Espresso and micro foamed milk.
Great for: When you want a latte but want to sound like you studied abroad. Tastes like: A latte that went to art school.

Red Eye

Drip coffee with a shot of espresso dropped in it . Great for: When you are really, really tired. Tastes like: Heart palpitations.

Dirty Chai

Chai Latte with an espresso in it.
Great for: When you want a Chai latte but you’re tired AF.
Tastes like: Honestly it tastes like a Chai with coffee in it and by that we mean weird and amazing. Pairs beautifully with our Matcha CBD Dark Chocolate truffles insider our Restore Collection. Try it out for yourself and get 20% off your first order at calivolve.com.

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