What are you new WFH habits? Sweats and candles

Sweatshirt and Candle Pairings Because 2020

So we’re spending significantly more time in comfy clothes than we expected. We’re staying home and that is so important. But working from home, not being able to see friends, trying to work or keep our businesses afloat, managing family and oh, yeah, the stress of a global pandemic can be pretty overwhelming. There are extreme emotions every day and so much is out of our control. Each day feels like a rollercoaster of ups and downs. One of the few things we can control is how we react to situations and how we take care of ourselves. 

Our brand has always been centered around taking time for yourself and indulging in small ways to create big positive personal shifts. That’s more important now than ever. It may seem trivial but making sure your home is a place you find relaxing and calm is crucial. Similarly, feeling comfortable but also cute is key. For the first couple weeks of quar, (yes, we’re so familiar with quarantine we’re calling her quar now) we mainly wore bathrobes with coffee stains on them and old T-shirts. And that is totally fine and good, (ily, bathrobe), but one way to cheer yourself up a little is small luxuries. 

Instead of cheese and wine pairings, we bring you CBD chocolate truffles, sweatshirt and candle pairings because that is just the vibe right now. You probably aren’t in the mood to order spring dresses or new jeans so shop for things that will make you feel optimistic and soothed. Here are our current faves. 

We’re Crushing on These Hoodies and Candles in 2020

Please wash your hands, Talentless, Scott Disick athleisure wear brand, Rona Season, Sweatshirt candle pairings 2020
“Please wash your hands”, Talentless by Scott Disick (athleisure wear brand) reminds us it rona season. Credit: Talentless

Talentless Sweatshirt + LAFCO Candle:This hoodie really hits home right now. Makes for amazing Instagrams and also a really, really good reminder. Not that we need reminding but still, can’t hurt. Love or hate Scott Disick, he designs really comfortable loungewear and you can’t argue with that. LAFCO candles are beautiful and make you feel grown-up and fancy, even if you use them to light your joint.  

We're obsessed with Boy Smells Purple Kush candle, Sweatshirt candle pairings 2020
We’re obsessed with Boy Smells Purple Kush candle Credit: Boy Smells

Tribe Kelly Sweatshirt + Boy Smells Candle: This sweatshirt is literally part of “the butter” collection because it feels like butter. Um, need we say more? It’s so so incredibly cozy and grey feels calming to the eye. This candle, apart from having the coolest name ever, smells dope and looks really cool on any counter or bedside table. All of the Boy Smells candles are amazing but Purple Kush is undoubtedly our favorite. Go figure. 

Aviator Nation Sweatshirt + Diptyque Candle: It’s unclear how Aviator Nation gets their gear so flipping soft but congratulations to them. It really is that perfect washed, worn-in feeling that keeps getting softer with every wear. Plus, we’re a sucker for the California – surfer aesthetic. Diptyque… need we say more? The OG of fancy candles. They are so expensive but so worth it and smell like heaven. We love using them to organize makeup brushes after the candle is done. Same with our gorgeous new Renew Collection box

Our favorite Byredo candle is Burning Rose, Sweatshirt candle pairings 2020

Cotton Citizen Milan Crew + Byredo Burning Rose: Cotton Citizen is great because the cuts are so flattering. So even if you’re just wearing this to stand in front of the fridge and house raw cookie dough at 2 am while your dog looks on in horror, you’ll look chic af doing so. Byredo is one of those brands that makes us feel like we’re French and don’t believe in marriage and wake up with perfect hair and can pull off a red lip and go grocery shopping with wicker baskets. No, just us? Weird. 

Are you homesick for New York Try this candle, Sweatshirt candle pairings 2020

Frankie’s Bikini Tie DyeHomesick Candle: Another cool California brand (hey, we love our state). Frankie’s is the ultimate it-girl bikini brand and have recently started designing comfy clothing. We read somewhere that bright colors make you happy and we need all the boosts we can get right now so this turquoise is looking pretty appealing. Homesick candles are really sweet – there’s one for every state. So if you left your heart in Colorado or Florida, get one of these candles to help remind you of places you love. Obviously they make amazing thoughtful gifts, too.

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