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Using Crystals to Attract Love and Setting Intentions

Us, woo-woo? Never. Psych!!! We love a woo-woo moment because life is magic, and the more you look for it the more you find it. Also, we could all use a little magic right now. Let’s talk about setting intentions, using crystals, and manifesting what we all want – to attract love, passion, protection, and healing.

Even if you don’t live in California, you’ve probably noticed the huge trend of people using crystals to call things into their lives. For centuries, these beautiful naturally occurring stones have been heralded for the powers they harness. Holding crystals near to your body or placing them strategically in your home is believed to promote healing for the mind, body, and soul. The thought is that the crystals interact with a body’s chakra or energy. 

Crystals for Love

We’re particularly interested in Crystals for Love, especially during this wild time of upheaval in our world. Not just romantic love but self-love, love of growth, love of learning. Crystals not only have spiritual powers but they’re also a good reminder to check in with yourself. Seeing a little quartz in your bathroom next to your tub can act as an important reminder to check in with yourself and take time for yourself each and every day – be it 5 minutes or a whole hour. 

Rose Quartz Crystals 

One of the most beautiful (it’s pink!) and recognizable crystals is Rose Quartz, a fan favorite, and why wouldn’t it be – it’s all about LOVE. Rose Quartz opens your heart chakra, restores peace and harmony in relationships, and brings people closer – making you a goddess of love. Rose Quartz also helps give comfort to those in times of chaos or stress. Um, hello, 2020 check?

Best of all, Rose Quartz is said to foster self-love and care. Using crystals to attract love can help you deepen your relationship with yourself – and that’s the most important one of all. 

Pair your Rose Quartz with some Cherry CBD Chocolate Truffles for a true moment of self-love and bliss. Honor yourself and how hard you work to keep it all together. Also, if you’re looking to draw love into your life, use this moment of chocolate + crystals to manifest who and what you want. 

Amethyst Crystals

The purple power packs a punch! Amethyst is a strong stone that is known to help balance hormones and alleviate stress (again, stress and I are one this year). Oh, did you know they’re also known to help with sleep, warding off insomnia, and making sure you dream sweetly. 

Amethysts are also believed to have protective energies, keeping you safe and welcoming clarity and humility to your life. These stones open up intuition and in general open your eyes to things you might otherwise have missed. 

Pair your Amethyst crystals with the Mint CBD Chocolate Truffles because they are both awakening. The fan-favorite Mint Truffles at once wake you up and calm you down. The fresh flavor will act as a reminder to make space in your life for everything you deserve. 

Ruby Crystals

Ruby is vibrant in color and in energy. Ruby is known to help with sexual energy, restoring vitality and vibrance to the body and mind. Ruby is also known to help people reflect and look inwards. Rubies have been revered throughout history and even used in ancient healing practices to diminish toxins and improve the lymphatic system. 

The standout stone is also known to have protective vibes that can ward off bad or negative energies that can steal from your aura. Rubies promote passion and vibrance and happiness, so keep them close as a reminder for all that you deserve. 

If you’re holding a Ruby close, pair it with a Matcha CBD chocolate truffle. They’re both rich and deep and textured. The Matcha truffles are complex and elegant like you, so as you enjoy, rid yourself of any bad vibes and make way for good ones. 

If you’re looking to start manifesting love in your life, start using crystals to attract love. The Love Spell Full Moon Version at Smudge Wellness is a great place to start.

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Credit: Smudge Wellness

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