why is does mercury go into retrograde?

What does Mercury in Retrograde Actually Mean?

Blame the wellness boom, blame our inability to accept bad luck, but in the past couple of years it seems like people blame everything on Mercury in retrograde. And yes, from time to time we will admit if we get an unexpected parking ticket or our TV goes bonkers we’ve cursed Mercury being in retrograde too, despite not totally understanding what it means and why it seems to be happening all the time. We just saw it on Instagram like everyone else, right? Also, it’s a really good excuse to double down on CBD, not that we needed any more encouragement.

Believe it or not, Mercury in retrograde relates to actual planetary movements as well as weird cosmic happenings. There are two sides to the concept. Let’s begin with what is actually happening in space. Normally planets move from west to east but when a planet goes into retrograde it appears that they move from east to west from earth. It also appears that when a planet is in retrograde it slows down and moves backward, so much so that we can trace its pattern in the sky. It sort of looks like a loop from the perspective of earth.

Wow, feel like a fricken scientist already. So why is Mercury special? Well, Mercury is much closer to earth than the sun which means that it orbits faster. Mercury can do a whole orbit around the sun in 88 days. Speedy! That also means that Mercury has more time to go into retrograde which it does three or four times a year. Ah, so that’s why everyone is always talking about it.

Sorry to Get Sciency, but Here is How Planetary Retrogrades Work

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Ok now that we feel like NASA, let’s move to the woo- woo (technical term) part of this. As you have probably learned from your yoga instructor and Instagram feed, things get weird during Mercury in retrograde. Astrologists often warn you shouldn’t make any big decisions or moves during Mercury in retrograde because things just have a propensity to go wrong during this time. Superstitious people postpone or plan around retrograde for things like weddings or signing big deals or closing on a house. Everything is just a little off (according to astrologists).

Travel and technology are two other major areas that astrologists say are affected during this time. Cracking your phone screen, canceled flights, showing up to the wrong airport… stargazers would blame all of these mishaps on the planets going the wrong way!

At the root of the concept is the idea that during Mercury in retrograde there is a lot of miscommunication. With yourself, with your partner, with the world in general. Astrology would say we just have a harder time getting clear on things while the planet is acting funky. Lots of silly fights because of differing perceptions.

If you made it this far, you probably do subscribe to some sort of astrology, and honestly same. What can you do to guard against Mercury’s wrath? Well, as discussed you can avoid any big moves in your life during this time. We just try to be extra vigilant about being clear re communication in retrograde… which is a good practice anyway! Also, never hurts to be extra nice to people! When in doubt, chill out and take a beat. Mercury in retrograde is a good time to focus on self-care. Have a bath, eat some CBD chocolate, do a face mask – basically take a beat for yourself to think everything over a little bit more. BTW, watch out for other planetary retrogrades on the calendar.

So when are we next in for a doozy? Good news, we already have one done. In 2020, Mercury will be in retrograde from February 17th to March 10t, June 18th to July 12the and October 14th to November 3rd. Let the CBD chocolate kick and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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