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What is Summer Solstice Anyway?

Summer Solstice is nearly upon us! The longest day of the year. This seems funny considering this year seems like it has lasted about 40 years already. Time is a funny construct in a time of global pandemics, Civil Rights movements, and Tiger King. 

Change is afoot in more way than one, and thank god for that. Here at Calivolve we are welcoming this change with an open heart. Listening and learning from our friends, the earth and beyond. Without getting too woo-woo, Summer Solstice is a great time to reflect upon the first half of the year and take stock of everything that has passed and look to the future. During this momentous year now more than ever, reflection and purpose are key. 

Aside from an excuse to realign yourself and get clear on your goals for the second half of the year, (more on that later), SS is a time to wear flower crowns and drink rose. Just kidding. June Solstice is the longest day of the year and the marker to celebrate summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The sun is also the closest to the earth and you know what that means… wear fricken sunscreen. No, but seriously, the sun is out and about which is fabulous because have you heard of Vitamin D? The real kind not the kind from the overpriced supplements you buy and then always forget to take. Vitamin D helps regulate the calcium and phosphate in your body. Crucial for skin, bones, and a bevy of other key functions. So yes, wear sunscreen but enjoy those rays. You’ve earned them, baby. 

It’s also the beginning of Cancer season, and boy do we love our gentle Cancer friends. Those emotional, nurturing, intuitive creatures who soothe our lives and make us feel comforted. The Cancer sign is feminine and is ruled by the emotional moon. This means at once we have the masculine Sun is stopping in its tracks to usher in a new solar cycle and the feminine Cancer moon. 

This is why Summer Solstice is a great time to re-look at ways we can balance the masculine and feminine energies surrounding us. How could you be more gentle and forgiving? (Maybe to yourself?) How could you be more assertive and specific? (Maybe in your work?)  We all house both masculine and feminine energies and Summer Solstice is a wonderful pause for us to renew what they both mean for us. 

Hopefully, you are convinced and excited about Summer Solstice being the perfect time to renew your spirit and lust for life.  Finally, with the longest day of the year upon us, (and we cannot stress this enough), please take stock of how to be kind to yourself. Now more than ever we have wild demands on us.

This rollercoaster of a year is taking a toll whether you feel it or not and yes, we talk about self-care a lot but that’s because it truly begins and ends with you. You can’t be a good sister/ wife/ ally/ boss/ friend/ lover if you aren’t in your power, in alignment with yourself. The Renew Box (coming soon!) is a good way to show yourself some love. A square of our decadent, clean CBD infused chocolate is not only a delicious pause in your day but a reminder to take stock of how you are feeling. A little bit of every flavor will keep you excited for your daily delicious check-in, and set up a positive ritual around checking in with yourself. 

To a strong second half of the year, with love.

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