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Natural and Organic Wines We Love, by Women Winemakers

What a time to be alive right. Even before lockdown, we were pretty obsessed with wine. It’s a relationship we’ve grown with. From slapping a bag of Franzia in college, (no, just us?), to two-buck Chuck from Trader Joes (which we maintain is just not that bad) to becoming Master Sommeliers. Just kidding, we didn’t do that, but we do take wine very seriously. Is there anything more glorious than un-wine-ding (sorry, couldn’t help it) with a glass of vino at the end of the day? No, there really isn’t. In the bath, on the porch with a joint, with your favorite takeout… remember when you could share a bottle of wine with a friend? Soon, we pray, soon we will again. 

If you’re drinking more wine and coffee during lockdown, drink the good stuff

There’s something romantic about a bottle of wine. It’s a ritual, one that you can share with others or simply have with yourself. If you’re a wine drinker, you probably have a favorite kind, a favorite goblet you like to drink out of at home, some weird wine quirks. Like putting ice in white wine to make a slushy and drinking it with a straw. Tacky? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely. Much like coffee (which we’re also obsessed with ICYDK), wine can be a wellness ritual that nourishes the soul. One that we’ve definitely been leaning on in lockdown. Basically in quarantine, there are only two distinct times. Coffee time, and wine time. Agreed?

We’ve been loving both natural and organic wines lately. Aside from a super-LA thing to say, what does that actually mean? Natural wine means that the grapes are usually grown by individual winemakers and likely that they are hand-picked from sustainable or organic vineyards. It can also mean that the wine is made with no added yeast and that there are no nasty additives or sulfates in them. Anecdotally, people report being less hungover from natural wines (we are not doctors but we anecdotally agree), because there’s less sugar in them. And hey, if drinking natural means supporting smaller wineries then that’s an added bonus. 

Women Winemakers: Our Pics

Orange wine ROCKS and not because it makes us feel like a chic hipster in Silver Lake wearing a beanie. Well okay, partially because of that. It also goes super well with spicy food. We’ve been doing a lot of takeout-and-wine nights in quar, and orange wines just elevate the whole experience. We like this fun sparkling orange wine and this Costadila. 

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Martha Stoumen Teal Drops Rosé Ah, Rose. Orange wine’s less cool, basic-bitch sister. But we love her all the same because she reminds us of summer and being outside and laying by the pool. 

Tikal Natural Organic Blend Red It’s always so annoying when people say a wine is “drinkable” – like what does that really mean? All wine is drinkable. But this one in particular. 

Cherries & Rainbows Red Ok the name of this wine is slightly ridiculous and slightly amazing. The bottle is like if Lisa Frank made wine. Here’s the even better news. It’s absurdly tasty.  One of those oh-is-the-bottle-already-finished-oops wines. 

Azienda Agricola Cirelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2018 We had this wine at a dinner party and it’s definitely “elbow wine”… meaning your elbow is always bent because you’re constantly sipping it because it’s so freaking delicious. 

Dry Farm Wines is a fantastic resource for organic and natural wines. It’s a wine club but with all-natural wines! All the wines are from small, sustainable family farms and are low sugar, paleo, etc. It’s a great way to discover new wines and you can adjust preferences as you go. Perfect birthday present if you ask us. 

Paul Dolan Chardonnay Chardonnay is so divisive. Either you would take a bullet for buttery chard or you can’t even smell it. But if you love a little Chardi-B, this one is a great price point and 100% organic. 

Finally this gorgeous wine. Autour de l’Anne “Wonder Womanne” Um, how cool is this bottle? An amazing gift for a friend, no? Pretty tasty too. Wonder Woman definitely drinks wine. 

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